Laura Mucerino


Laura Mucerino was born in Venezuela and since her childhood, she has been immersed in a world that transcends the ordinary. His psychic awareness, psychic and mediumistic abilities manifested from a very early age, marking the beginning of a life dedicated to spiritual exploration and service. At the age of 5, after the death of her mother's brother, his spirit began to accompany her, acting as a guardian in her daily life. At the age of 7, an unexpected visit from a being of light marked the beginning of his journey into mediumship.

A Trajectory of Profound Impact

As time passed, Laura not only cultivated her skills but also deepened her understanding of the spiritual fabric that unites us all. At the age of 13, she began a journey of self-exploration and meditation that led her to understand and communicate messages from the spirits that accompanied the people around her. His ability to see beyond the visible and communicate with precision and compassion has transformed the lives of countless individuals, leading them to greater understanding and peace.

Mastery and Spiritual Mentoring

During her adolescence and formative years, Laura was guided by spirits and teachers in how to manage energies, care for her body and personal space, and understand the mysteries of the astral plane. She became a catalyst of death, assisting souls in their transition between life and death, and guiding those in a state of limbo to the Council of Masters and Guides. His mastery in these areas is recognized and sought after by those who need guidance and support in life's most critical moments and beyond.

Recognized Channeler of the Akashic Records

Currently residing in Miami, Laura Mucerino is widely recognized for her exceptional skill as a channeler of the Akashic records. Her unique and deeply transformative approach has attracted people from all walks of life, including stars and distinguished businesspeople, who have found her invaluable guidance. Her clients' testimonies resonate with the same voice: that of deep gratitude and admiration for the clarity, understanding and healing that Laura has brought to their lives.

Training and Recognition

Laura has enriched her innate gift with academic and spiritual training, obtaining certifications in New Earth Medicine Woman, Womb Wisdom and Womb Healing practitioner, Akashic Records Reading, and Reiki Master. These certifications, along with his vast experience and recognition in the community, are a testament to his commitment to growth and excellence in his field.

An Invitation to Transformation

Laura Mucerino invites everyone to join her on this path of healing and discovery. His journey is a testimony of love, service and deep connection with the universe. With each reading and healing session, she offers not only her skill, but also her heart, guiding each person toward a fuller, more conscious life.