¿Cómo es una Lectura de Registros Akáshicos?

What is an Akashic Records Reading like?

Akashic Record Readings are a profound and enlightening experience that allows access to the universal wisdom stored in the "library of the universe." But what is an Akashic Records reading really like? Let's explore the details of this unique experience and reveal what you can expect from a session.

The environment

An Akashic Records reading usually takes place in a quiet and sacred setting. Both the reader and the person accessing the records prepare themselves spiritually and establish a connection with higher energies before beginning. A safe and secure space is created for the experience.

The Connection with the Reader

The Akashic Records reader acts as an intermediary between the person accessing the records and the wisdom of the records. Often, the reader connects with their own spirit guides and the energy of the records to channel the information.

The questions

The person accessing the records has the opportunity to ask specific questions or raise topics they wish to explore during the session. These questions can be related to your life, relationships, purpose, or any other topic of interest.

The answer

During the session, the reader tunes into the energy of the records and receives information in the form of intuitions, images, feelings or words. The reader shares this information with the person accessing the records, acting as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world.

Clarity and Healing

An Akashic Records reading can provide clarity in confusing situations, reveal important lessons, and offer guidance on a person's life path. It can also trigger emotional healing processes, releasing blockages and limiting patterns.

Awareness and Empowerment

Through a reading of the Akashic Records, the person accessing the records gains a greater awareness of their inner being and their purpose in life. This can empower you to make decisions more aligned with your true nature and create positive changes in your life.

Confidentiality and Respect

It is important to note that Akashic Records sessions are carried out with respect and confidentiality. The information revealed during the reading is shared ethically and with the person's best interest in mind.


In short, an Akashic Records reading is an experience in which you access universal wisdom for answers, guidance and healing. Each session is unique and personalized to the needs of the person accessing the records. If you are seeking greater understanding of your life, relationships, and spiritual path, an Akashic Records reading can be a valuable tool to illuminate your path and help you grow spiritually. Explore this fascinating opportunity for self-discovery and connection with universal wisdom!

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