Akasha Healings

New Earth Medicine  by 

Laura Mucerino

Our Services

Soul Reading and Channeling

Step into the records of your soul. Received messages from your guides

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Spiritual Mentoring 

Journey to a harmonized life and highest potential.

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Womb Oracle and Healing

Shamanic healing to clear your sacred portal from traumas and old patterns 

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Collective channelings and support

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"Awesome experience! Since I discover Laura and her skills for soul reading (Akashic reading ) I had such amazing changes in my life, more than any other therapy that I experienced before.... The most awesome thing is that during the sessions she passes you the knowledge that you need at that moment and you heal your soul and body."

Teresa Puebla​

"She can show you the light inside yourself!

Help you to find out why are you here…

She is love compassion and kindness

Don’t hesitate and make your appointment to a new life"

Roy Decan


"Connected to Akashic records Laura was able to see massive old energy blocks that I had received from many generations, she was able to clear it. The experience itself was pure magic –due to my sensitivity I was able to feel what she did energetically and enjoy it...For me it felt like someone just let me out from the small tight cage. I feel so much lighter, I’ve never felt energy flow in my body before. I have come to the place of selflove and taking actions for my life. I am alive like never was before! I am forever grateful to you Laura for walking me Home – the world of pure unconditional love, and most importantly, at first love to ourselves."

Blessed to meet you!

With love,

Liliya Garifullina

"Laura is such a wonderful guide and I am so grateful I met her. She guided me during my Akashic Records with so much love and patience. I totally recommend her if you are looking deeper into your journey of self-discovery."

Laura Docon

"Mi experiencia con Laura ha sido verdaderamente diferente, es una mujer muy profesional, tiene una vibra muy bonita, su energía es tal que logra transmitirla en cada una de sus sesiones. En lo personal me ha ayudado mucho a encontrar armonía en mi vida y a tratar de sanar patrones del pasado. Muy recomendada! Bella persona! ❤️👌🏾"

Camila Botero